Belize City is located in Central America off the Caribbean Sea in the East. At the Caribbean sea off Belize coast, there lies a world heritage giant marine hole known as the Great Blue Hole. The blue hole cenote Belize is the second world’s deepest submarine sinkholes. Here are some facts about Blue hole cenote Belize.


The name ‘cenote’ was derived from the local Mayan language to mean ‘sacred pit’. The hole officially owns the ‘blue hole cenote’ name.

The World’s Eye

The blue hole is perfectly round. On top, its surrounded by a ring of giant coral. This perfect combination earned it ‘the world’s eye’ name.

A Bottomless History

Scientists and divers have never exhausted the second deepest blue hole in the world. Beneath, there lies mystery, deep secrets, and hidden history. Once, an anchor was dropped and it was suspected to have never touched the sea bottom.


It is very safe to sail over the blue hole cenote as it has no pressure or any known risky forces. Above are some facts to know about the Blue hole cenote Belize.