Payroll management is a complex task. This process can be automated by using a payroll application program. Latest programs in this range take advantage of cloud technology. This way you can access your data from anywhere. All stakeholders with authorization can access their payroll data. The Zoho Payroll App offers many advantages over other programs. It allows automatic calculation of payroll. Payslips can be generated in a few clicks. The details also include allowances, deductions and taxes.

Pay slabs for managers, staff, leads and associates can be created in different ways. Different templates can be established for different payslips and even for each employee. Once a template has been established, the payroll management and payslip generation becomes quick and easier. The program makes it easy to pay the employees on time. Salaries can be transferred directly to the bank accounts of the staff. These nifty features allow the company to comply with payroll, tax, legal and other guidelines.