Washington DC is better known as the seat of government than the home of significant figures in the arts scene. Here are five famous Washington DC artists that have achieved acclaim for their work.

• Maggie O’Neill – the Washington DC born artist is best known for her impressionist and pop-art pieces that focus on the areas landmarks. She personally delivered a portrait of former President Barack Obama in 2012.

• Wayson Jones – an abstract impressionist he works mainly with textured acrylics and includes feathers, sand and other materials in his work.

• Jorge Caceres – he began his career as an architect before moving into painting; he prefers geometric designs and is influenced by the art of his native Peru.

• Rose Jaffe – after studying printmaking at school, she now works in brightly colored illustrations and portraits as well as dabbling in ceramics.

• Tom Hill – a longstanding activist for civil rights and the LGBT movement he now incorporates his activist experience in his works which focus on abstract and figurative elements