Work smart, not hard, right? Easier said than done, especially when you find your focus drifting and your workload piling up. When your mind starts to fatigue, and your focus starts to wane, work becomes harder and harder, not good. So, how can you stay focused, energized, and happy at work? Instead of gulping down your third flat white, try these handy tips instead.

Look after yourself

Treat your body like the lean mean focused machine it is. Your body needs clean fuel and plenty of rest to perform at its peak. Try ditching the sugary drinks and snacks and replace fatty, fried stuff with whole foods for a natural energy boost. Whole foods are significantly better for you and are cheaper to boot.

Rest is just as important as work, so make sure you are getting enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is easier while following a healthy and balanced diet. Our health is all connected to our happiness, a healthier you equals a happier, more focused person at work.

Get ergonomic

Sometimes, you just need the right chair. Something plush and classy like Ester armchair from Domayne is a perfect example of comfortable and ergonomic, with the looks to match. Having the right furniture can transform your workspace from an uncomfortable dungeon to luxurious hang out space. Its a lot easier to stay on task easier when you are happy and comfortable.

Have a little luxury

Nothing beats putting your nose to the grindstone and pushing through a deadline. The satisfaction of a job well done should be thanks enough, but luckily it isn’t. Treat your self to life’s luxuries as a reward for your hard work and perseverance. A sumptuous new lounge chair, a bottle of fine wine, a trip to Vanuatu, the sky’s the limit. Treat your self to remind you of the fruits of hard work.

Have a clear plan and be persistent

Without a plan, working long hours is like beating your head against a wall. Plan your tasks by their importance, learn to manage your time and your duties, and don’t be afraid to be critical of your performance. Practice makes perfect.

The more efficient you become with your time, the more you can achieve. Breaking your workday into chunks can help you maintain focus on the tasks at hand without getting bogged down in unnecessary details.

Enjoy a break

As sleep is essential to a healthy body, taking a break is vital to a focused and happy worker. There are numerous studies to validate the benefits of regular breaks from work. Take time to refresh your mind and calm your spirit. If you feel fatigued, take a break, rest your eyes and meditate on your situation and purpose.

Light from computer screens is harsh and can Cuse eye strain. Every hour or so, take a break from your screen and rest your eyes. A good trick for keeping your eyes sharp is to focus on faraway objects and keep your long-distance vision strong.

Working long hours in a stressful environment can be dangerous to our health. As pressures mount from deadlines and demands, our focus wanes, and we become burnt out. Too much reliance is placed on stimulants such as coffee to keep us going, without attention to the root cause of our fatigue.

Cut out the sugary drinks and fatty snacks, enjoy a balanced diet along with regular exercise and watch your energy levels skyrocket. An ergonomic and comfortable work environment mixed with regular breaks and rest time will guarantee a more focused and happy you at work.