Dating is a not a sport for the faint-hearted. Part of the potential issues that come with the dating lifestyle lies with women who approach dating with the wrong mindset. Here are seven of the best dating tips for women looking to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling social life while searching for their one true love.

Be Yourself: The cardinal rule in dating is to be yourself. It may be tempting to create a glorified persona of your true personality. However, you will never be able to sustain this act long-term. Instead of pretending to be something that you are not, it is better to let your own personality shine so that the date falls for the real you.

Don’t Hold Back Your Excitement:

If you feel excited about a date or activity, be sure to show this feeling. Men enjoy knowing that their date is excited to spend time with them. There is a good chance that they will find your enthusiasm endearing. Leaving your past dating mishaps and experiences at the door and keeping an open mind will help you be able to harness this excitement and have a great time.

Drop the Games: Despite what the movies may tell you, most men do not like a woman who plays games. Being direct is always the better approach. If you want to spend time with the man, do not try to be coy about it. Instead, simply express your feelings in a sincere and authentic manner. Being genuine about your intentions will inspire the same level of reciprocity on his part.

Have High Standards: You deserve the very best in your dates. Do not accept a man that is not fully attentive to your needs and wants. This means that you should not show patience for a man who is always making plans at the last minute or showing up to get you without a plan for the date in mind. If you do not feel as if the man is valuing your time and energy, it is time to move on to someone else.

Show Appreciation for Money Matters: Regardless of how much money he spends on you, you should always show your appreciation for the gesture. You can take this one step further by offering to pay for drinks or dinner every now and then. Most men appreciate a woman who feels confident enough to make this offer.

Trust Your Gut: You are always the best judge of someone’s character and potential. When navigating the challenging world of dating, it is imperative that you always trust your own gut. If you know deep down that this is not the man for you, do not keep stringing him along just because you do not have anyone else waiting in the wings. Not only does this waste your time, but it wastes his time as well.

Create a Mystery: While you do not want to be untruthful about any part of your past, it is also a good idea to not rattle off your entire life story on the first date. Creating a bit of mystery about yourself and your passions will provoke more interest on his end and encourage him to want to learn more about you and your interests.

There are never any guarantees in dating. However, following these seven principles will set you up for the most success possible. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of finding your soulmate.