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For The Best Artists: Kolinksy Sable Brushes


Artists, both professional and amateur, know that only quality materials are good enough for their paying customers and in their gallery and exhibition works. This quality extends to the tools with which they create their works. For this reason, many artists insist upon painting with only the finest Kolinsky sable brushes.

For centuries, artists have been aware of the quality of these brushes. The hairs of the Kolinsky sable, an animal native to Siberia, are long and finely tapered. The fibers are highly absorbent, so that a little paint loaded on to the brush will go a long way. This quality renders the brushes ideal for the subtle tints of watercolor and traditional tempera painting. As the artist works, the fiber slowly releases minute amounts of paint, so that he creates his effects by the build-up of many tints. Sable brushes of lesser quality are suitable for oil and acrylic painting.

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