Foreign Snack Boxes: First Stop Japan!


Hopping on a plane to jet-set to a foreign land is kind of hard to do in a world that is trying to navigate a new normal. So if you can’t go to the foreign land… why not bring that foreign land to you?

A foreign snack box is something that comes to your door filled with an adventure for your taste buds… and here’s some of our favorites from Japan!

Green Tea Kit Kats

While it’s not the only flavor you’ll find, green tea Kit Kats are a snack favorite in Japan and you will find yourself craving them often after your first bite!

Gourmet Gummy Shapes

Japan takes time to make gummy shapes that are just as pretty as they are delicious. Flowers are a favorite shape.

Bourbon-filled Chocolates

These delicacies are delicious… just consume them responsibly!

Until you can get aboard that plane, just open the mailbox. Happy snacking!

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