If you’re looking for a hotel near the airport, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Unfortunately, hotels near the airport tend to be expensive and standard to the point where your experience can seem cold, void, and inhospitable. That being said, a top hotel in Davao will give you a completely opposite experience and to find such an amazing hotel experience, let this simple advice guide you in the right direction.


Wanting a hotel near the airport means you want a comfortable bed, a nice room, and a relaxing experience before or after your flight. So, while researching which hotel is best for you, keep in mind, the best hotel near the Davao airport will provide you with a wide range of room selections, from rooms with a tranquil pool view to a sprawling suite. Moreover, top hotels will be able to offer you rooms with a balcony with beautiful views, as well as big, comfy beds.


Next to your room, what services a hotel has to offer should also be important. You want your stay to be as comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, so take time to seek out a list of what amenities hotels have to offer you. The very best hotel in Davao near the airport, will offer amenities such as high-speed WiFi, complimentary bottled water, a private balcony, complimentary minibar drinks, complimentary coffee or tea making facilities, a spacious desk, satellite TV, a complete bathroom (hairdryer, bath, shower, bathrobe, slippers, and basic toiletries), and access to complementary books and magazines.

Special Facilities

In addition to an outstanding room and excellent amenities, you also want a hotel to provide you with other fun options to make your experience even more enjoyable. So, when researching hotels, remember the best one will offer things such as a kid’s club, swimming pool, medical services, fitness center, gift shop, babysitting services, currency exchange services, laundry services, and even car rental services.


Just because your hotel stay costs money doesn’t mean it can’t also save you a little cash. While researching different hotels near the airport, make sure to check what different promotions they have to offer. You’re bound to find that the best hotel can offer you promotions such as holiday specials that give you special room discounts for the Christmas holidays. Even better, a top hotel will run special promos for both your room and breakfast that includes late checkout and a free breakfast buffet for your entire stay. You may not have realized it, but these special promotions can greatly add to your hotel stay.

While selecting Davao as a destination might have been easy, selecting the perfect, top-of-the-line hotel near the airport might be a little more challenging. Simply remember to check for things such as special promotions, facilities, amenities, and different types of accommodations a hotel has to offer and you’re sure to find the top hotel in the area.