It’s been a long day, and the kids are finally asleep. You’re ready to have some alone time, but you’re not sure what to do! Best Card Games for Two is here to help with that problem! There are tons of great card games out there for two people, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites. We hope this will help when you need something fun and easy to do with your partner or just want some quiet time by yourself.

What are some great card games?

– Uno: This is a simple card game perfect for just about anyone because there aren’t any complicated rules. Best of all, it has virtually no downtime so that you can play several hands in one sitting.

– Spoons: In this game, players compete to collect and hold the most spoons. The game is played in rounds, and players who collect one scoop per round are eliminated from play.

All the other players then get one more turn to try and scoop up another spoon.

– Phase Ten: For those who love card games with a bit of strategy but don’t want to feel like they’re playing solitaire all night long, this is perfect. The game involves two decks of cards – one red deck for numbers from 0-99 and the other black deck for numbers from 0-90.

Players take turns drawing cards, adding them to their piles if they can make a ten in one of two ways: either by alternating colors (red followed by black) or taking consecutive numbers starting with zero and continuing until there is only one card left in that pile.

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