With so many choices, it can often be very hard to separate the cheapest electricity suppliers available. However, there are several ways of finding out who offers the most affordable electricity and gas. Most people only need gas and electricity in their homes, and so if they have a package, they will already know who to contact. However, there are still several other options that are available to those looking for cheaper energy supplies. Here we will look at some of these options and obtain the most affordable electric and gas prices available in your area.

One of the first ways to look at how to find the cheapest electricity supplier and gas prices in your area is to look at whether you would benefit from a dual fuel tariff. A dual fuel tariff usually allows you to switch your electricity when using the two separately.

Usually, this type of tariff works by paying a bit more for both types of fuel at the same time. However, if you were to go for this option, then you can enjoy some of the cheapest electricity and gas available in your area.

Another way of helping yourself get the cheapest electricity and gas prices available in your area is to ask your energy supplier if they offer any incentives to new customers. For example, many energy providers offer discounts to new customers.