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Ergo therapy is also known as Occupational Therapy where physical and recreational activities from day to day life are used for the improvement of the health of a patient. Ergotherapy works on the basic principle of balanced state of body and emphasizes that the physiological, psychological and sociological imbalances cause any health issue in the body. This treatment works to improve the functioning and autonomy of a person with disabilities especially the kids. The normal physical activities like washing, dressing, playing, bathing etc are used to amplify the motor functioning of the disabled person. It also includes interactive social therapeutic treatment and mental exercises to improve the social and cognitive skills of the person.

The treatment process includes the identification of autonomous impairment in the particular person, analysis of the level of disability, finding and implementing the best ergotherapeutic measures to improve his mental as well as autonomous well being. It improves the functioning of person in performing his daily activities by means of customized intervention. This therapy teaches the person to adjust as per the environment. The regular interaction between the professional therapist and family members of the patient is maintained to monitor the better implementation as well as the results of the therapy.

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