Table settings are important for family holiday dinners such as for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Beautiful plates, elegant wine glasses and decorative serving bowls are often used to set the mood as well as classy Gold Candleholders. They are striking and designed to be centerpieces for dinner parties, weddings, special events and celebrations. A variety of holders are available such as pillar, tabletop hurricane, taper, tabletop lantern, votive, tea light, candle stands, Menorah and candelabra. Candle holders also come in different shapes like round, oval, geometric, square, cylinder and bowl. Plus, various heights and shades of gold such as shiny metallic and brushed and white gold are offered. Many holders are embellished with designs and detailing such as roses, gold leaf, braiding, knots, beading and twists. These sophisticated holders are perfect for all occasions and celebrations and will highlight any table setting.