Herbal antibiotics are safer than penicillin and other traditional antibiotic medicines. These antibiotics kill bacteria in the human body without damaging the good cells, which is what penicillin does. They are also less likely to cause severe allergic reactions, making them an excellent alternative for those who have had severe allergic reactions with penicillin in the past. These Antibiotics can be found at your local pharmacy or online pharmacy store!

1) What are its benefits?

These antibiotics work to kill bacteria without damaging the good cells.

2) What are its downsides?

They can be less effective than penicillin and other traditional antibiotic medicines, so you or your doctor needs to monitor if they seem as though they aren’t working correctly.

3) What else should I know?

They have been around since ancient times and were used then just as much as now! They may not always be the first option. Still, herbal antibiotics show great promise in providing an alternative that’s safer for those who need them!
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