A herbalist gives herbal antibiotics useful in curing a wide range of disease-related illnesses- including ear infections, meningitis, pulmonary infections, sinusitis, pneumonia, and sepsis. In addition, a herbalist provides detailed information about the use of herbs in the treatment of various conditions.

As opposed to prescription antibiotics, herbal antibiotics can relieve symptoms of severe bacterial infections without compromising the immune system. This is contrary to what many medical doctors would have you believe. As a result of the confusion and controversy surrounding herbal antibiotics, people tend to shy away from them or at least try to use prescription antibiotics for infections that don’t need to be medicated. These include yeast infections, athlete’s foot, nail fungal infections, jock itch, abscesses, bursitis, staph infections, viral infections such as herpes, and the common cold. Herbal antibiotics do not disturb the balance between good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract and, thus, do not cause any collateral damage to other parts of the body.