Chewing or dipping tobacco is almost as popular as smoking cigarettes, and it is just as hard of a habit to quit. The user is addicted to action of the habit as well as to the nicotine in the tobacco used. Finding a chew and dip alternative will help the user to quit without all of the pain that it normally involves.

Alternative dip and chew products are starting to flood the tobacco market. These products mostly contain herbal supplements, but they also have other ingredients in them as well. Buyers should always do their homework before purchasing anything that they put into their bodies. Some of these products contain caffeine in them and this may be a problem for some users.

All natural alternatives can be brewed up right at home, and they can keep any negative ingredients out of it. These alternatives usually contain a leafy herb that is dried and chopped. Most people will add items to sweeten the herb with like dried apples or pears and mix some dried mint into the concoction.

No matter which product is used, be it store purchased or homemade, if the user sticks with it then quitting the harmful tobacco will much easier on them.