The level 4 ballistic shield is one of the highest levels available for military personnel. This shield protects armor-piercing rounds and can stop bullets coming at you from all directions. It has been developed by Unequal Technologies and is made in America.

Why is this important?

This level of the shield is a must-have for law enforcement officers and military personnel. It protects high-caliber rounds, such as armor piercing bullets. The grade four ballistic protection can stop shots coming at you from all directions. If someone were to go in your direction with a gun firing armor-piercing rounds, this shield would be able to protect you while providing cover so that you could get yourself out of harm’s way. In addition, police officers on the street should always be carrying these shields because they never know when something may happen or go wrong during an encounter with citizens or other criminals, which means this level of bulletproof equipment could save their lives one day!

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