Hormones are essential. Without them, life would be impossible. The hormone optimization in our bodies is affected by various factors, including stress levels, genetics, what we eat and drink, how much exercise we do (or don’t do), whether or not we sleep enough. Here three hormones that you need to understand for optimal health:

– Testosterone: This hormone regulates sexual function in both men and women as well as muscle growth and energy level

– Estrogen: too little estrogen can lead to depression, while too much may cause cancer

– Cortisol: it helps us deal with stressful situations by providing energy and alertness

Understanding the basics of hormones is crucial for optimal health.

#1: Understand Your Hormones – The first step towards understanding your body is to know what’s happening inside it. You can start by looking at this helpful list of all the different types of hormones that exist!

#2: Manage Stress – Stress plays an important role in our lives because it affects almost every system in our bodies. Managing stress includes managing your time, taking a break from electronics and going out into nature, mindfulness meditation, doing something you love with all your heart.