How a Smart Speaker Can Be Your Friend in Isolation


Being isolated due to coronavirus sucks. Let’s just get that out of the way right off the bat. But it is what it is. For the safety of everyone else in the community, our government officials are asking anyone who falls sick to isolate at home. That is wise advice.

The thing is that an extended period of self-isolation can make for extreme loneliness. Yet there are things COVID-19 patients can do to alleviate the loneliness. Some of them can be facilitated with a smart speaker device like Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Smart speakers are electronic devices that act as digital interfaces between human users and the internet. They can do all sorts of things. From reading the news headlines to ordering food online, a smart speaker is a great tool to have. If you are isolated due to the coronavirus, it could end up being your best friend.

Calling Friends and Family

You might not feel well enough to get out of bed during the first few days of isolation. Because smart speakers are activated by voice, you can still call friends and family without having to get up. Just issue the command and have your smart speaker dial anyone already in your phone’s contact list. Have a conversation right from your bed without ever picking up your phone.

This is a great tool even after you are back up and around. Just being able to talk with someone over the phone could do a lot to lift your spirits. It can help you feel like you are more connected and less alone.

Medication Reminders

The smart speaker can be told to remind you when it is time to take your medication. This is important, now more than ever. Just tell your smart speaker to remind you at a certain time. When that time comes, you will hear an audible announcement telling you to take your medication. You might like the feature so much that you keep using it even after the coronavirus pandemic is history.

Listen to Music and Audio Books

Smart speakers are great tools for listening to your favorite music and audio books. Just tell the speaker what you want to hear and let it do the rest. Perhaps a few hours of music will lift your spirits. Then listen to an audio book in the afternoon to catch up on your reading.

Better Hygiene

Everything discussed thus far is related to alleviating the loneliness of isolation. According to Vivint Smart Home however, a smart speaker can do more for you. It can be your friend when it comes to practicing proper hygiene. Remember that good hygiene is key to recovering from coronavirus and not spreading it.

We know it is possible to spread the virus by contacting infected surfaces. As someone who has tested positive, you could be leaving the virus behind on doorknobs, light switches, and other things you touch. Using your smart speaker can alleviate some of that.

If your smart speaker is connected to a home automation system, you can use it to turn the lights on and off. Now you don’t have to touch light switches. You might be able to use it to turn the TV on and off as well. And if you have electric window shades, use your smart speaker to open and close them.

Having to self-isolate isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. If it becomes a necessity, you will have a tough road ahead. That smart speaker sitting on your kitchen counter could end up being your best friend.

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