How A TRX Workout Can Benefit You


A Navy Seal named Randy Hetrick created the first TRX workout while on deployment in 1997, using only a jiu jitsu belt and parachute webbing. The first TRX suspension training course launched in 2005 to teach instructors how to bring the workout to fitness facilities all around the world. TRX training continues to evolve as it brings a unique brand of workouts to individuals of all fitness levels.

Independent studies have shown that TRX training, which uses an individual’s own body weight to provide resistance, has muscular and cardiovascular benefits that impact a participant’s overall health. The workout has seven basic movements consisting of pushing, pulling, planks rotation, hinges, lunging and squats. Participating in a TRX class can help reduce waist size and body fat percentage, along with improvement in all measures of strength. Lower blood pressure and other improvements in heart health are also common.

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