Things that have relatively high value and good demand continue to be valuable years after they launched. For example, used cars are routinely traded because there are lots of interested buyers looking for a great bargain. The same is true with tech gadgets such as mobile phones. If you have a unit that is four years old or less, then there’s a good chance that you can sell it at a reasonable price. You could sell to it to end-users directly but this could take a while. If you want fast cash, then try selling to stores and other Android buy back specialists.

Check If a Store Has a Buy Back Program

Look into the stores selling smartphones in your area. Perhaps some of them accept used units for trade-ins or cash transactions. The information may be posted on their social media accounts or in their official websites. They may post more details such as their current process and requirements. Make sure that you have everything they need before going to their locations and initiating a buy back. Some might only accept units that came from them while others will accept any type of phone from various sources.

See How Much Your Unit Can Fetch

Ask them if they have a list of prices for buy back units. Most will only publish current prices of flagship models from big brands. If you can’t find your model on the list, then inform them about your intention and your model. Maybe they can also accommodate it. Compare the offers from different stores so that you can pick the highest one. Note that this is only an estimate based on their ideal unit with no flaws. Yours may be equal or low in price.

Get Your Phone Inspected and Appraised

The best way to know the actual value of your phone is to bring it along and have them inspect it. They will check for scratches, especially the visible ones. They will ask about water damage and test for functionality. They will see if the battery can still hold a good charge. They will take sample snaps to look at the results. Before going there, you should have transferred all of your files on your computer or an external hard drive. Some upload their files to the cloud.

Close the Deal and Get Your Cash

If you are satisfied with their offer, then sign the document to formalize the unit’s turnover. Get your cash and receipt for proof of the transaction.