This question is hard to answer as to how long will it take me to get sober? It will depend on how much alcohol you consume. One thing that makes the process more complicated is how quickly your body absorbs alcohol. The amount of time it takes for someone’s BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to reach 0 and be considered sober varies from person to person and depends on how much they drink and how quickly their body absorbs the alcohol.

How long can this take me?

It can vary depending on what you are comparing. Still, generally speaking, if consumed with food in the stomach, one hour per standard drink slows the absorption process by 30 minutes or more compared with drinking without eating at least two hours before your first drink. To put this into perspective, a “standard” alcoholic beverage contains 14 grams of pure ethanol (pure spirits like vodka, gin rum, etc., have 40% ethanol, so one standard drink is equivalent to 40 grams of pure alcohol).
Several factors influence how quickly your body can process the alcohol you have consumed.

For example, how much someone weighs and how fast their metabolism works will determine how long it takes for them to absorb a certain amount of alcohol. A person with higher muscle mass would be able to handle more drinks than another individual who has less muscle mass because they are not absorbing as much into their bloodstream, which means they won’t feel its effects as strongly or at least until later on in the night when there is less left in their system.

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