In stock control software, an integrated database and inventory control are combined with computerized systems for quick and easy tracking. Inventory management software is a great software package for inventory control, order management, sales and deliveries, and inventory levels. It can also be used on the manufacturing side to generate an invoice, project quote, order details, and other production-related records. The best part about using this software is that inventory control, planning, and inventory control can be integrated into one system. This means an end to repetitive data entry and a single system to process thousands of invoices at a time.

Stock control software maintains accuracy by allowing the operator to enter only the pertinent information without having to sort through outdated and incomplete data. This is crucial to business operations as it can help cut down on inaccurate data entries, thus improving cash flow. Also, inventory software allows an operator to determine the current status of inventory based on present and past sales figures. This allows the operator to set up short supply orders and to maintain adequate stocks at all times.