Schools are a hub for the development and growth of children who are the future of society. The construction of quality and safe schools is essential for the learning and teaching of children.Herein are Some of the factors for safer school construction.

Structural capacity

The school buildings should adhere to the structural integrity requirements. They should be able to withstand hazards such as earthquakes, floods, or other common perils in the area. The beams, columns, and foundations are essential to ensuring the strength of structures.


Well-maintained plumbing systems are essential during school construction. Classrooms should also be spacious, well-ventilated, and equipped with desks and chairs to provide a conducive learning environment. Physical activity is also a huge part of growth and learning, therefore playgrounds must be included.

Materials Used

Teachers and children spend up to 6 hours a day in school. Safe, non-toxic building materials are a must when constructing schools. The structural materials used should also be free from corrosion and cracking that may lead to hazards.


There are many guidelines put in place for the construction of schools. Hiring a professional contractor is essential to ensure that all the construction requirements are met.