Many cell tower or rooftop antenna provider landlords often have questions about cell tower lease rates. With most standard cell phone leases, there are several sources to consider when comparing prices and making sure your lease rates are competitive. These include local landowners, online real estate brokers, and other real estate companies.

When looking at prices for a typical cell tower lease, look at monthly payments. The monthly cost will be determined by the contract’s length, the type of coverage offered, and the monthly rental fees. It will also depend on how much land your cell needs to cover. If you own more land, you may be able to lease more antennas. This can increase your overall lease costs significantly. In addition to this, cell phone leasing may be contingent upon a landlord agreeing to cover some of your equipment (such as the tower and antennas) if you fail to pay for the lease. This is why it is crucial to make sure you are getting a solid lease agreement that protects you in case of a lawsuit.