Summary: This post outlines the problems you may be facing while trying to play GoPro videos, and discuss fixes for video playability issues.

GoPro cameras are one of the most widely used cameras because of their compact size. They’re used by professional as well as amateur users to capture photos and videos.

Typically, the GoPro videos play flawlessly on the device and PC, but sometimes you may issues with them for various reasons.

Some common issues that you may encounter while playing GoPro video files are:

  • Video file couldn’t be played – You tried to play a GoPro video file but it fails to play with or without an error message.
  • Video file’s audio is missing – While playing the video file, you can see the graphics but the audio part is missing.
  • Video file’s graphics not running – When you play the file, you’re unable to see the video graphics. However, you can hear the audio.
  • Audio-video sync issue – There’s a delay a delay between video graphics and the audio when the video file is played.
  • Blurry playback – You may be able to play the video but experiencing poor playback quality. The video graphics are grainy, pixilated, or blurry.

These or other similar issues might occur because of various reasons such as media player doesn’t support the video file format, problem with the device or media player, the video file is corrupted, etc.

Quick Fixes to Solve MP4 Recording Playability Issues

Use another media player – The media players such as VLC, Winamp, Windows Media Player support a wide range of file types. Using such popular media player may help resolve the problem.

Use another device or PC – You may not know if the device or PC is causing playability issue. Try playing the video on any other PC and see if you’re able to play the video without any issues.

If you’re unable to solve GoPro video issues by using the above quick fixes, this means that your video file is corrupt. Follow the methods given below to repair corrupt GoPro video and make the video playable.

Methods to Fix GoPro Videos on PC

You can install (if not installed) VLC media player on your PC and use it to fix corrupted GoPro video.

VLC is a tool which is used for playing video files, but it can also fix minor problems with video files, provided the file has AVI extension.

If corrupted GoPro video file carries any other extension, change the file extension to .avi before trying to fix it with VLC media player.

Next, navigate as follows:

  • Lunch VLC player >> Tools >> Preferences >> Inputs/Codecs settings.
  • From Inputs/Codecs settings window, choose “Always Fix” Damaged or incomplete AVI file, and try to play the affected video.

If you’re still facing problems with your GoPro video, the only way to repair or fix the video is to use a trusted video file repair software such as Stellar Repair for Video.

Did you know?

Stellar is an Indian data recovery solutions provider. It supports make in India movement and develops all the data recovery/repair products in India.

Steps to repair corrupted video file(s) by using Stellar Repair for Video:

  • Download, install and run the software on your Windows PC.

  • From the main interface, click Add File button to browse and select the corrupted video file

[NOTE]: You can add multiple video files for repairing.

  1. Click Repair button

After completion of repair process, the software would give you option to save the repaired video.

[Note]: If the video file is severely corrupted, the software might show the repairing status as Awaiting Action. In such a case, run advance repair by clicking Advance Repair under Action column to successfully complete video file repair.

  1. Save the repaired video at a desired location by clicking Save Repaired Files

Now you can play the repaired GoPro video.


If you’re facing playability issues with your GoPro video, you can use the quick fixes discussed in this post to fix them. If problem with the video persists even after trying the quick fixes, it indicates that the GoPro video is corrupted.

To repair the corrupted video, you can try VLC to repair it. But if this doesn’t help, you’d need to use a file repair software like Stellar Repair for Video.

The software can be installed and run on a PC to repair and fix GoPro videos corrupted due to any reason. This is a DIY yet powerful tool that can repair even severely corrupted videos. The software has a many other interesting features including repaired file preview option which allows you to preview the repaired video files. Moreover, Stellar allows you to claim a 100% refund within 30 days of purchasing the software if it software fails to repair the corrupted video file.