Getting ready for the lap band surgery Sydney doctors are offering is guaranteed to be an exciting experience. These treatments can set the stage of lasting weight loss by significantly reducing the size of your stomach and your appetite. To ensure your procedure’s success, you should spend several months adhering to a strict, low-calorie diet. Your surgeon can assist you in establishing a natural weight loss plan that will help you establish sustainable and appropriate eating habits. For most patients, eating 1,200 calories per day or less should produce desirable results. No only will this train you to consume less, but it will also help you shed enough excess weight to minimize the risks of surgical treatment.

Once your procedure is performed, you will only be able to consume very small amounts of food or liquids at one time. For most patients, this is just two ounces of solids or liquids or less, and a full two hours must pass before you’ll be able to eat or drink again. Given just how stringent these requirements are, working with a counselor can be quite helpful ahead of your procedure. This will allow you to learn more about how you’ve been using food for emotional comfort, and to discover new and healthier coping strategies that you can use going forward.