How To Market Music On The Internet


If you are marketing music online through the internet, you’ll know that it has completely changed the way that music is consumed and sold. Technologies like peer-to-peer filesharing, streaming music sites, social media sites and ecommerce platforms give you more options than ever to get your music out to your audience. With all those choices, however, you may be confused about the best approach to take.

Here are some of the platforms you should consider:

• Youtube – many people use this video sharing site to listen to music as well as watch videos and with over a billion active users it’s an audience you shouldn’t ignore.

• iTunes – you should host your music on Apple’s iTunes because they have the largest music library in the world and it can help new fans discover your music through their suggestion algorithm.

• Spotify – another music streaming service, Spotify takes listening to music to a new level and their Discover tool can help your music channel get discovered by others.

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