Are you looking for an easier way to transfer Microsoft Office setup from one drive to another? The recent version of Windows has made it easier for users to perform this operation. There are lots of improvements witnessed in terms of features when compared with the previous versions. A major one is changing the default location of applications like Microsoft Office and moving it to a different drive.

Why should you move Microsoft Office to a different drive?

If you have lots of free space in the system, then there won’t be any benefit of moving installed apps to a different drive. However, this operation can be very handy for those who have a little bit tighter space in their system. The best thing about this process is there won’t be any need to re-install the app at all.

This operation is made for users who usually run out of space and move large applications like Microsoft Office free up lots of space on the drive.  However, you need to keep in mind this operation can only be accomplished through a third-party application.

How to move Microsoft Office to another drive?

You have to follow the below-mentioned steps for completing this operation:

Step One

The first thing you need to do is downloading the Ease US PC transfer software. It is quite easier as you can find it on the internet for the easy microsoftoffice/setup.

Step Two

Once the software gets downloaded, install it on your system followed by launching.

Step Three

Click on the App Migration option that you see on the left side of the screen after launching the application.

Step Four

The next thing you have to do is tap the start option and then choose the drive where Microsoft Office is installed.

Step Four

Here, you need to choose the browse option and select the drive where you want to transfer the application.

Step Five

Tap on the transfer option to begin transferring the process of Microsoft Office. It will move to another drive on the system.

Step Six

Now, you have to wait to finish this process. The exact timing depends on the application’s size. We suggest the readers wait patiently for the completion of the process. Once it finishes, tap on the “ok” option. That’s all; the process gets finished if you have followed this process.

We believe that this guide has helped you in transferring the Microsoft Office from one drive to another. It is the easiest method that you can try to complete this operation.


The installation location of the Microsoft Office is pretty easier with the presence of the Ease US PC transfer software. In addition to Microsoft Office, it can help move a variety of other applications like PhotoShop, Origin Games, antivirus application, and many more.

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