In open water swimming, a swimmer is often exposed to cold air and open water. If you do not have the fitting open water swimming cap, your head could get very cold or even frostbite! To prevent this, there are a few things that you need to know before picking the best open water swimming cap for yourself. This article will discuss 3 of these factors: material type, size of your head, and how tight you want it to fit on your head.

– Material type: A common misconception about open water caps is that they should be made from latex rubber because it’s waterproof. While latex can be found in some open caps, most are made from more flexible neoprene. This is great for open water because it allows your head to breathe better, and not trapping all that heat in it will help you stay cooler while swimming!

– Size of your head: Like most swimmers, open caps can feel too tight or too loose on some people’s heads. To get the right fit, open caps are usually available in three sizes. If you’re struggling to find your size, it can be helpful to ask a friend with the same head circumference as yours for help!

– How tight you want it to fit on your head: Of course, some swimmers prefer open water swimming caps that fit super tight on their heads, while others prefer open caps that are looser. When it comes to tightness, open water swimming caps tend to be the same as figure skating or cycling helmets in terms of how they feel on your head

In conclusion, open water swimming caps are a great way to protect your open head from the sun, bugs, and open elements. Open swim caps can also be used as an accessory piece for swimmers who like wearing unique open cap styles during their open sets or open races!