Brazilian Butt lift NJ is an increasingly popular choice when it comes to butt lifts. It helps to shape the buttocks with one’s fat. If you are someone who isn’t content with their bottom and have decided to undergo the procedure, then here are some ways that you could prepare yourself for the ultimate Brazilian butt lift.

Comfort is key

Though rest is crucial, finding a comfortable place to do that is key to it. If you normally sleep on your back or side, then learning to rest on your stomach for a month or so can take some time. You can start by prepping yourself ahead of time by practising sleeping in positions which don’t compress the buttocks or the hips.


It is recommended to wear a specialized compression garment during the recovery period to ensure great results and optimal healing. The procedure-specific compression garments optimize circulation to the site and encourage the flow of blood to the thighs and buttocks. The duration for which you have to wear this will be advised to you by your surgeon.

Have patience

After undergoing the procedure it is only normal to expect to see the results that very instant. But just like you are unique, the butt lift is also sculpted in such a manner that it complements your body structure and size. So it takes a while to notice the results. You need to have the patience for a couple of months, as the swelling which arouses post-surgery would dissipate and the transferred fat cells would establish themselves for permanent results.

A few extra pounds never hurt

Though many women try to strive for a lean figure, having a few extra pounds around your abdomen, thighs, waist and even back of the arm have never come in this handy. The Brazilian butt lift makes use of your body fat and fat can be extracted from this area and transferred to your butt. More fat is usually implanted than needed as a significant percentage of fat doesn’t survive and will eventually be flushed out of your system in a month or two.

Your surgeon is your sculptor

While choosing your surgeon, ensure that they have an artistic eye. Go through the before and after pictures of the butt augmentation to be able to ensure their artistic abilities. The shape and the aesthetic of the new butt depend upon where and how the transferred fat cells are placed. The surgeon should place them in the bottom, hips and thighs to create a shape that you have been hoping for.

No sitting for a while

After undergoing the procedure you will be advised against sitting or laying on your back for about 2 to 3 weeks as it puts pressure on the delicate drafts. This pressure may cause the tissues to die and would ultimately affect the results.