We live in a fast-paced, ever-changing world and more and more people are experiencing stress and anxiety than ever before. Work, family and personal obligations combined with world events are the main causes of this stress and it’s making people sick. Fortunately, there some ways to reduce it and below are some tips on How to Reduce Stress in your everyday life.

-Determine what’s causing your stress and face it head-on. Eliminate the cause as much as possible.
-Eat right, drink plenty of water and avoid junk food.
-Avoid alcohol, drugs and other stimulants as they tend to be only band-aid coping methods rather than permanent coping methods.
-Get plenty of rest
-Take time to yourself to do the things you enjoy. Meditate, do yoga, light scented candles or take a long, hot bath.
-Try to take a step back and diffuse issues before they arise.
-If all else, fails, seek professional help from a counselor who can help you deal with your stress.