So you are planning to initiate a brokerage business, or you are simply in charge of the technical setup of the next upcoming Forex/Stock trading brokerage firm. Therefore you surely intend to have the best solution when it comes to MT5 server hosting, so that your clients will remember you for your reliability, low latency and ease of use when it comes to trading using MT5 (connected to your servers).

Needless to say that your hosting should operate 24/7, or perhaps simply 24/5, but the upmost important thing is that your servers are secured to all possible attacks from the outside. Once security is ensured, you can scale up your logistical MT4/MT5 infrastructure to thousands and tens of thousands of clients while you can sleep very soundly.
Last but not least, aside for security and low latency, what your customers will expect is prompt support and help with their technical or less technical issues, so make sure your hosting services and prepared to help for this purpose as well.