If you play Team Fortress 2 you’ll know that trading items has become an integral part of the game. As you collect items in the game you can trade those that you don’t want for others that are more valuable. If you are wondering how to trade in Team Fortress it is really easy. You can trade through the Steam platform or within the game whilst you are playing. You must, however, be playing the paid version of the game to be able to trade items; you’ll need an upgrade to the paid version which you can purchase from the Steam store.

When playing the game you can trade items with another player from your Friends list by first opening a chat window with them. You can then click on the upper right corner of the chat window to open a menu and choose the Invite to Trade option. You can also trade with other players that are on your current server when playing the game by selecting the character menu and choosing the Trading option. You’ll then see a list of players connected to the server you are and you can select a player and send a trade request.