An executive resume template is a tool you need to consider if you plan on applying for a high-level position in any company. Executive resumes usually include information about the applicant’s qualifications and experiences and the benefits offered by the company they are aiming for. These documents are most often used for sales, human resources, marketing, or management positions. You can use an executive resume template to craft a well-written resume that will surely impress hiring managers. To create one, you only need the basic information regarding the job you intend to apply for and a resume format that will best showcase your skills and achievements.

A resume template usually includes a summary of the required information, such as the applicant’s educational background, work history, achievements, and a personal statement. The summary is the most important part of the document since it gives a clear picture of what you have to offer the prospective employer. Work history breakup is into relevant sections, such as the past job titles, responsibilities, or tasks, and the details of each of these jobs. A few employers also ask their applicants to elaborate on their skills and expertise. However, a good template already contains all the necessary information to do that.