Since 6 October 2010, Instagram has surpassed many other social media sites. Currently, it has over 700 million active users. Today the popularity is tremendously increasing and its users are fascinated to increase their own followers on Instagram. There are many ways to get more followers like optimising your post, running ads, getting shutouts from influencers, and in fact, some people even buy Instagram followers. But one good strategy is to use hashtags to get more followers on Instagram.

One’s motive to use hashtags over Instagram may be any, but it results in getting more likes, and ultimately, more followers. An infinite number of hashtags are present on Instagram but using only the most relevant help. Like Twitter and Facebook, using hashtags is fun and advantageous, but unlike them, Instagram allows to use 30 hashtags. Using irrelevant 30 hashtags for a single post might not help to increase your followers. Also, as per the Instagram algorithm, it will be considered as spamming and your account might get blocked. There are simple and efficient ways to grow your audience by using hashtags, some of the tricks are discussed below.

  1. Make the hashtags most relevant: Stories, posts, reels, and short videos over Instagram holds good only when they have an adequate purpose. Using Instagram, the most relevant hashtags, to your purpose, will help. Trending hashtags might look promising but in the long run, they degrade your profile and make it look spammy. It is always better to do some research on relatable hashtags and find out the most suitable one. This way, the reach of your upload will increase and will be more engaging. In a survey, it was concluded that a post with hashtags is 13% more engaging as compared to a post with no hashtags. Hashtags may be related to your brand, idea, or can be indirectly related to your post.

  1. Ensure the Right number of Hashtags: Though it looks like using a greater number of hashtags will help to reach a greater audience, well that is not the exact case. If you find 9 or 10 hashtags that fit ideally for your post, it is fine. This way your post will reach a specific audience and will make it worth giving attention. It is a clear myth for some of Instagram users that overusing hashtags will help them to get more likes on their post. So, make sure to always use the right number of hashtags, finding more or less than the average is acceptable but irrelevant hashtags will never aid in gaining followers or likes.

  1. Find Hashtags: There is a high possibility that you might not be aware of trendy and most popular hashtags. So before uploading your post, go for their hunt. Check the posts that are already uploaded make a lot of hashtags that they have used. Amongst your collection of different hashtags sourced from a different post, select the best ones, and add them with your post. In this way, your post will not look outdated and will attract a large number of audiences. Though going on such a hunt may require a time investment, in the end, it will be worth it.

  1. Make Use of the theme: Using a popular theme with hashtags will make your page fashionable. This way you can make your post look more engaging and exciting. The theme can be related to common but popular problems, unique but funny solutions etc. The motive of such a theme is to connect people in a funnier way. A popular hashtag #mondayblues was based on the theme of an unhappy feeling of a common man on Mondays. The hashtag has solely engaged 883,564 audiences and was used by a vast number of posts. The theme was simple as it was describing the sad feeling of people doing a 9-5 job but was highly relatable. Similar themes can be used with the trendy hashtags; this ensures your post to reach a greater number of audiences.

  1. Evaluate: Evaluation in every field is necessary. When a person uses Instagram hashtags constantly, he must be encountering a change in his/ her followers. If that change is positive, a proactive person should know the cause for that change and should repeat his actions or the hashtags that he/she has used in the post. But, if somehow the change in the number of followers is negative a person must stop using and posting stuff like that. It can be your hashtags or your themes. Though such an evaluation might not result in a hike of your followers, this will make your followers permanent.

  1. Make use of Brand Hashtags: Instagram supports when people try to create hashtags based on their brand. Brand hashtags are when completely related to your business they will not only help to expand your business but also grab a large audience. Your hashtags do not need to be completely related to your brand; they can also sometimes refer to your campaign, offers, contest or your product. Also, if the hashtags are easy to remember and are funny enough, then they will be used by your supporters, followers, and competitors. All this will result in your higher reach and ultimately one can find increment in their number of followers.

  1. Edit later: There is a huge possibility of you finding a hashtag later when you have uploaded your post. For instance, you were not aware of the hashtag #TakeMeBackTuesday, a popular hashtag used when you share some best memories which take you back to Tuesday or any day, and you have uploaded some best memories of your life without this hashtag. You can still attract an audience towards your post by just editing it. Go to the setting of your previously uploaded post, add the hashtag, and upload it or by simply adding a hashtag in the comments of your post. This way you need not wait for another similar post to use the same hashtag.


Using Instagram hashtags is one of the popular ways to buy many followers. You can make use of every possibility in which way people feel more emotionally connected to your page. Uploading your party videos or post with some famous hashtags can aid in your goal. Going live, collaborating with great and popular leaders, tagging in stories etc. are also some of the potent ways to increase your followers. Some people also prefer to buy Instagram Likes and increase their engagement.