Emergency Evacuation Sirens are a must in our homes today because the threat of disaster or injury can strike at any time and place. These sirens can be located in several locations around your home, including in the garage, driveway, or house.

These sirens’ purpose is to warn people of an impending danger that is causing them to be in a temporary shelter. Emergency Evacuation Sirens are often set off to alert the public that there is a fire or other emergency inside the home. Still, they can also be used to inform the occupants of any severe injuries or illnesses within your home.

The sirens often sound off in unison with a police siren, fire engine, ambulance, or other emergency personnel vehicles. Some homeowners find this to be a nuisance, and they simply turn their sirens off, but the truth is that the sirens are designed to be audible to everyone in your immediate area.