Synovial fluid is a naturally produced gel that maintains the proper functioning and lubrication of our joints. The effectiveness of this gel is poor among osteoarthritis patients. But various treatments are given to restore this substance. Find out why gel shots are highly preferred.

More Effective

Gel knee shots have proven more effective than other remedies. Are used where other injections or physical therapies prove unhelpful. It’s a recommended remedy for diabetes patients.

Lasts Longer

A standard treatment plan requires three to five injections each week. Hence, it offers longer pain relief to osteoarthritis patients. Its impact can last for half a year.

Authorized by FDA

The first injection was effective, leading to its approval by the FDA in the late nineties. Since then, over six brands have been introduced. Independent clinical studies confirmed these injections as effective for use on intended patients.


The mild side effects following the use of these shots clear shortly after injection. You can now alleviate osteoarthritis pains. Get the right medical expert to administer the treatment.