You may easily observe the excellent effects by clicking on before and after images of a facelift, but it is quite difficult to understand what was exactly done. After all, there are a variety of terms that floats around the Facelift Toronto. You can get done brow lift, neck lifts, face lifts, mid face lifts, and mini lifts. Moreover, eyelid surgeries, liposuction, facial fillers and Botox are also available there to choose from. So what is a facelift according to Dr. Torgerson?

Usually, a Facelift surgery is done to tone, tighten, and lift up the tissue of the mid and lower face that includes the jowls, jawline, cheeks, and neck. In a facelift procedure, incisions are placed in front of and behind the ears. Besides it according to the degree and type, incisions may also expand upward to the hairline with the sides of the head.

What about just lifting the skin?

Have you ever heard about feather lifts or thread lifts? And what about a lunchtime lift? I think you never heard about the last one. It is a is referring to injectable or liquid facelifts. These days, lunchtime lift procedures provide effective result than the concept of pulling skin tightly.

Skin-only facelift methods are considered limited in their potential and it doesn’t last for a long time. This solution leads to disappointment for whom for want to spend the money on a result so that they can get pleasure for many years.

The common reasons behind the choice of facelift include:

·        Sagging in the mid-face

·        Diminished jawline definition

·        Appearing tired or sad

·        Jowls

·        Neck bands or “turkey neck”

·        Excess fat under the chin

A few Qualifying factors that make you eligible for Facelift

Ø Fine bone structure: If you have well-defined facial bones especially cheekbones, facial tissue lifting will be easy.

Ø Your skin condition: Younger people have good skin elasticity so the good skin incorporates the procedure in getting new shape and bounces back.

Ø Shouldn’t have untreated medical issues: you should not have any severe medical issues, as it can affect your healing process after the procedure.

Ø Have realistic expectations: if you have crossed your 60s and expecting younger skin like 25s, your expectations will break. A facelift procedure make you look 10 years younger but not more than that. So, keep realistic expectation.