No more checking whales on TV or books. It is time to catch sight of whales swimming in the ocean. Spot humpbacks as they migrate from vantage points and beaches along the Queensland coast. You just need some binoculars and scopes for a spectacular view.

A combination of beauty, speed, and comfort goes a long way in choosing a whale-watching boat. Run wild off the Queensland coast to see the world’s largest mammals. Experience suspension seats not found elsewhere. Soak in all points of interest by visiting such places as Hervey Bay and other landmarks. Our crew will give you stories about whales as you watch them as well as other kinds of sea life.

Enjoy riding in powerful outboard engines flying at incredible speeds without compromising your safety. Your knees and back are safe at the comfort of suspension seats. Any time you want to plan exclusive whale watching tours Queensland, reach to us for the best experience. Private tours for friends and families are available at special packages. Book now.