Indian cuisine has been around for years and is the second most popular in the world. It’s rich and diverse. It is well known for its elaborate flavors and solid aromatic spices. However, Indian restaurants are not easy to find in many American cities.
In this blog post, we’ll go over some restaurant basics to help you get started on your India food journey.

1) There are different Indian restaurants: Take-out (also called tiffin carriers), buffet, and fine dining.
2) The type of Indians restaurant you choose depends on your needs: If you’re looking for convenience, then take-out would be best; if you want more variety, then a buffet might work better, or if you’re looking for an Indian restaurant experience, then fine dining is your best bet.

– Indian cuisine has a wide variety of dishes that vary from region to region
– There are over 100 different types of curry
– The best restaurant has an extensive menu with something for everyone

If you haven’t tried this food, I suggest you do it. It will open your mind to new flavors.