Men generally assume that to be great at sex, it boils down to performance—but it’s about learning how to feel more inside. It’s all about tantric sex. Tantric energy is magical!

As this opens men to their gratification, sex and love are combined, and deep heart connection and satisfaction are experienced both by the man and their lover. Men’s Individual Tantric Sessions would probably improve your sexual well-being.

Tantric sex provides a degree of enjoyment beyond your wildest dreams and with a level of sexual satisfaction that, no matter how clever, it goes well beyond any technique.

Your goal is to communicate with your Intimate Warrior (more like your inner power) to access your own tantric sexology.

During lovemaking (and in life), anybody embracing his Intimate Warrior can have an open mind towards their partner from a position of empowerment, rather than hiding behind a mask of success, anxiety or ego. Connecting with his element of Warrior empowerment will keep him safe.