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Information About Astigmatism Contacts Colored


People that have an eye condition called astigmatism have an irregularly shaped cornea or lens. The irregular shape means that light rays are not focused properly on the retina, and the result is blurred vision. In order to correct the blurry vision caused by this condition, your optician will most likely prescribe astigmatism contacts colored. But, when compared with other types of contact lenses on the market, lenses for astigmatism are more expensive.

The main reason why they are pricier is that they are very complex to make. The contact lens design has lines, shapes and dots that cover the whole iris. These lines, shapes and dots also change the color of the iris. Because of this special design, every time the lenses are placed in the eyes, light passes through the lenses first before it reaches the cornea. When the light hits the contacts, they bend the light so that it reaches the central point.

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