Pakistan has had a rise in corruption cases and by that formed penal codes and corruption acts that investigate the malpractices in government and institutions. Here is an insight into anti bribery Pakistan.

Pakistan Penal Code

This code holds accountable for any person that gives or takes bribes. It led to Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister to be removed from office in the year 2017 for involving himself in a corruption scandal.

Prevention of Corruption Act

This Act foresees the corruption practices carried out in companies and holds any company liable to charges of bribery or any form of corruption.

National Accountability Ordinance

The ordinance was modified in the year 2010 used to remove corruption and its practices and investigate all the parties that are accused of it.


Corruption has been there for centuries, as time goes by governments come up with ways to eradicate such practices from both private and public institutions