A young person who performs the responsibilities of the vulnerable, ill or old family members and help them to undergo all of their day to day activities is called young carer. For meeting the duties they are assigned with, young carers often miss their personal recreational activities, fun, education and even diet. According to a recent survey, total number of young carers in UK is from 800,000-900,000.

Young carers London: There are a number of charity organizations working to facilitate better life for all of the young carers. Training campaigns are organised by the young carer societies for the teachers to guide them for providing motivational counselling and better education strategies to the students who undergo additional responsibilities along with normal living. Special recreational festivals are organised on monthly and annual basis to facilitate fun for those children. Local radio channels of London like YCFM provides platform to young carers to share their experiences, to ask for playing their favourite songs. Local government has also issued annual grants for the children of 18 years or above if they serve at their homes 35 hours per week.