Insulated roof panels are a great way to keep your home from being cold during the winter months while keeping your energy bills down during the summer. Many homes do not have roofs that are insulated; therefore, they have large gaps in between the insulated ceiling and the ground, which is where the heat can sneak through. Also, most homes do not have double panes of glass installed either; this means that if you do happen to have a leak in the roof, it will likely not be anywhere near where any hot air would be escaping; therefore, your home will be just as comfortable without a protective covering as it would with one on. If you are interested in having insulated roof panels professionally installed, then you may need to pay a bit more than if you were to do it yourself, depending upon the size of the job and where you live. However, many homeowners still want to have this type of roofing system for their homes, even if they do have to pay a bit more.