The wellbeing fund is a global, collaborative initiative that provides funding to projects promoting health security and focuses on community-based services.

This fund aims to foster healthy societies by improving well being and reducing the need for health care services in the future.

This article will provide you with an introduction to this new organization and what they do. We’ll discuss why people should contribute their time or money, how it works, and who can apply for funding this initiative?

1)Why should people contribute to the cause?

As stated in the article, the well-being fund’s main objective is to improve people’s health and remove the need to acquire insurance.

This is why it is so important to contribute to this fund to help with the cause and the investment in projects run by social companies that focus on resolving these challenges that people are constantly affected by daily.

2) How do the fund works?

It works by accepting donations from people who are not members of the Social Enterprise, which will help to promote it and encourage more people to contribute. Then, they can select projects that need funding or apply for them directly. The board then reviews all applications and evaluates each case’s eligibility before making any decision.

3) Who can apply for funding this initiative?

The best thing is that anyone can apply. First, you must become a member of the Social Enterprise who will manage this fund by donating at least €20 each month or making a one-time payment of €240 to join it.

Afterward, if they are approved as participants in this program, nonmembers may also donate money directly to the fund.