Justin Bieber is something of a sensation. Since his start on YouTube, there’s no question that the star has blown up. The “Baby” singer now gets consistent radio play and has earned fans of all ages as he continues to create hit after hit.

With his mainstream radio success, it’s no wonder his concert is out of this world.

Catered both to new and long-term fans, Justin Bieber’s concert pulled out all the stops to create a one of a kind experience. Even from the start, Bieber had his heart set on blowing his fans’ expectations out of the water. As the venue darkened and the music started, Bieber literally flew onto stage with gigantic metal wings supporting him. As the stage came to life, it painted more of a scene. The stage looked something like a science fiction film. From the lights to the pyrotechnical work, every inch of the stage was turned into something otherworldly, to help transport fans from the venue into this entertaining world that Bieber created.

And the fans soaked it up, with screams and cheers filling the venue.

One of the things that has made Justin Bieber such an appealing figure right from the start is his charisma. From the charming smile to his smaller mannerisms, Justin Bieber’s charm won over even the parents and guardians that came with their kids to the concert.

Talent and Fan Presence

The second thing that has helped turn him into a star? His talent.
Throughout the show, Justin Bieber put his heart and soul into giving his fans the best concert experience he could. In addition to a fantastical stage set up, Bieber busted out energetic dance moves and sang all of his hit songs at top volume. Regardless if he was belting out faster songs like “EenieMeenie” or performing a soothing acoustic of “Fall,” Bieber’s vocal performance swept everyone off their feet.

While his show appealed to even the newest of fans and their guardians, there were special moments for the people who grew up alongside the teen pop star. During the concert, Bieber played clips from various moments throughout his career. From busking in Ontario as a young teenager to being swarmed by reporters at eighteen. Playing the videos left fans feeling more connected, and left many die hard Beliebers in tears.

Powerful Shows

The excitement didn’t stop there. In addition to Justin Bieber’s own vibrant performance, fans also got to experience performances from A-List Guest Stars like Carly Rae Jepsen and Jaden Smith, both of which performed songs with Bieber on stage. Each time Bieber brought out a new guest, the fans screamed their throats sore.

But perhaps the moment that made the crowd lose their minds was the encore. Just when you thought the show was over, Bieber came back onto the stage to play his most famous songs, “Boyfriend” and “Baby,” making every tween’s wildest dreams come true in that moment. At 90 minutes long, Justin Bieber sang his heart out and put on a show that many of his teen fans won’t forget.