Customers often feel different about their favourite bar than they would about a restaurant or local coffee shop. A bar is a social outlet for many and a premise that can hold a special place in many people’s hearts. Many of us visit bars to unwind, meet with friends, listen to good bands and watch the latest sporting events. So, what really makes a good bar and what are most customers looking for?

Personal and Unique

Most customers who visit a bar want it to be intimate and unique, it also helps to have a good view from inside. If you live in a warm country, having an outdoor seating area is a must. At St Kilda’s favourite beachfront bar, you can sit over a cold beverage and watch the world go by. A bar that puts unique items on its menu or creates distinctive events throughout the year is always going to be a popular establishment.

Assortment of Choices

Customers get bored easy, if they are going to the same bar and nothing has changed in years, they may get tired of the same experience and look elsewhere. One way of keeping their custom is to add new features or events every so often, just to keep things new and exciting. A good bar understands the importance of balancing predictability and variety. Customers want their bars to be predictable, but they also long for something different now and again. Small things such as new drinks, new food menus and special events can make a huge difference to regular clients.

Quality Customer Service

One of the main, if not the main reason why so many people come back to a bar or restaurant is good quality customer service. If they feel at home and the staff speak to them and welcome them when they arrive, 99% of the time they’ll come back. Research suggests that its only cleanliness or good food that retains customers, first-class customer service is the most important factor. Employing bar staff and waiting staff who talk to customer and smile as they go about their business is incredibly important when running a bar or restaurant. If your employees are rude or surly, chances are people won’t come back.


Another important factor when it comes to choosing a good bar is cleanliness. Who wants to sit in a bar with grubby seats or dirt on the floor? Customers will immediately pass judgement on a bar if they feel it is unkept. A clean bar ensures customers feel at ease and believe you take good care of your business. A bar doesn’t have to be sparkling, but things should be well-kept.

The best bars ensure their customers have a bond with the establishment and staff members. They make sure each client feels welcome and enjoys coming to their bar. Having a relationship that goes beyond a service is good for business. When clients feel at home in an establishment, they tend to spend more time there and spend more money.