Killer Whale Cape Cod is a beautiful place to visit for anyone with an appreciation for nature. It is located in the town of Harwich, Massachusetts. It contains many animals, including Killer Whales and Atlantic White-Sided Dolphins, which are endangered species.

The following are three reasons why you might want to visit Killer Whale Cape Cod:

1) The park has over 10 miles of trails that can be used by hikers or horseback riders
2) There are many different types of flora and fauna to enjoy at Killer Whale Cape cod
3) You can spot whales from November through April, with sightings on most days!

Killer Whale Cape Cod is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United States. Killer Whales are also known as Orcas, which are found all around the world’s oceans, but Killer Whales off of Cape Cod have become famous for their incredible size and playful nature.

Killer Whale Cape Cod has an observation platform where visitors can see Killer Whales up close without being on a boat or swimming with them like at other places.