Lap Band Surgery Sydney is a relatively new form of liposuction surgery that offers a safe and non-invasive way to tighten the skin around your stomach. A non-surgical technique is performed under a local anesthetic so as to minimize complications. This kind of surgery is also minimally invasive, meaning that the surgeon makes very small incisions in the abdomen to put the lapband on the stomach.

If you decide to get lap-band operation in Sydney, you will first be given general anesthesia. From here, your surgeon will make a series of small cuts to put the band on your stomach. These incisions allow the surgeon to get a good view of the insides of your stomach so that he can make the most of the scar when putting it in. If there are any pockets or other structures that he does not see, he will make more cuts to make the incision. After this, your surgeon will remove your old esophageal band and replace it with the new one. The great thing about these incisions is that they will heal quite quickly.